Come see Becky Kagan Schott at the 2019 Great Lakes Shipwreck Festival. She is giving two different presentations.
Becky Kagan Schott 
Becky Schott started diving at 12 years old and instantly fell in love with it. She’s an underwater filmmaker, photographer and technical diving instructor. Her goal is to travel the world and capture inspiring images of extreme underwater environments including caves, ice, to deep shipwrecks always pushing the boundaries of creativity and discovering new ways of capturing these places artistically.  Becky’s background is in photojournalism, she likes to create compelling images that spark the imagination. Becky’s dived in Antarctica to the Arctic and many places in between but her favorite location is the Great Lakes. The stories are so powerful and she aspires to create images that is just as powerful. 
Becky has 5 Emmy-Awards and her work can be seen on major networks including National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and Red Bull. She is co- owner of Liquid Productions, specializing in bringing back video from challenging aquatic environments. Her experience working in remote locations around the world and filming in extreme environments has earned her a reputation of producing quality underwater imagery. She writes for several dive magazines in the USA and Internationally. With over 24 years of active diving experience she’s a SDI/TDI Technical diving instructor. She’s participated in dozens of exploration projects which earned her a place as a Fellow in the Explorers Club and in 2013 she was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame.  &

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