March 2nd 2019

The Great Lakes Shipwreck Festival is a annual program held in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The show opens at 830am and runs till 5pm. With an exhibition hall and 2 presentation halls giving hour long talks about various topics. Held at the Washtenaw Community College 4800 East Huron Dr. Ann Arbor, MI

Dive the Great Lakes

Learn what it takes to dive the Great Lakes! See some of the thousands of wrecks that lay on the bottom of these  lakes. Hear their history and what it takes to find and identify the wrecks from the shipwreck hunters themselves. See the latest in discoveries from the Great Lakes.

Dive the World

We offer a varied selection of dive destinations so you can experience exotic locations from the comfort of the auditorium. Travel the world through the eyes of our presenters. Maybe you will find your next must see destination.

Technical & Educational Seminars

Hear about the latest advances in dive equipment. Learn new techniques to improve your diving skills. Ever wonder what it takes to make that award winning photo?